Seeing how price previously interacted with those purple fib rings, it is possible as we approach and get close to the next purple ring we may get a pump up in price. If it does pump, you could just stay in and adjust your stop loss just below as it rises or sell after we cross over the purple ring. If we continue down that red ring/line below is very strong support so expect a bounce. If we continue up and find support on that blue ring/line above then we have potential to move higher at the very least to that yellow line above which is also strong resistance, if we find support on that yellow line then we could move further up. If you do not have access to charts just email me: Keep checking the community the section of my channel as i will be making new post as i create new charts. To access my charts requires a onetime donation of $20. you will have access to all previous, current and future charts. just email back after you donate and I will send you my website address to access charts. All of my charts are shareable so you can watch them real time and you can also save them as your own to add in your own indicators. as for coin addresses for donations, you can find that info further down or if you prefer PayPal, you can send to this email address: BTC: 3GqX4XBy4Zvhi3FhAwfCE8Jucux6kuftrQ ETH: 0x27403C81Fa5839d2B9088C208D946A401CBB6bcb LTC: MWppZqk7FEuh1SafrZooRdaw6kTMAV3Dah BCH: qzael8uwnkxwp2d46aml4vvqq0h0037wvvt0f8eyvx XRP: rw2ciyaNshpHe7bCHo4bRWq6pqqynnWKQg 2321848283 My email: bitcoin, btc, 2019, price, targets, technical analysis, TA, projection, current price, pump, dump, July, Break out, breakout, bull run, bull run, bear market, retrace, support, levels, prices, correction, charts, trading view, dropping, how low, when to buy, when to sell, drop, prediction, high, low, Fibonacci, bullish, bearish, fib circles, bottom, top, buy, sell

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